Alternatives to Violence Training (Level 1)–September 29-30

Registration Deadline is Monday, September 24.

Friday, September 29, and Saturday, September 30, 8:45 am to 5:00 pm

Food Provided


Come learn this approach for preventing violence developed 35 years ago by Friends. How do we build civil discourse? How can we peacefully handle hostility and anger from others? How can we speak forcefully without attacking? Can we find the good in our neighbor, especially the neighbor with whom we disagree? In this time of deception and name-calling, let’s practice techniques of Quaker peacemaking. The leaders will be Chris Jorgenson, Minga Claggett-Borne and John Bach.  Suggested donation $20. Pay more or less as you are able. Food provided.

For registration and more information contact John Bach, 970-209-8346, or at

A flyer for distribution is available here.

The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) began in 1975. An inmate group at Green Haven Prison in New York. They sought assistance from local Quakers to reduce inmate violence, and from the partnership of inmates and Quakers, AVP was born. AVP is in demand in schools, prisons and youth groups. AVP conducts programs in 35 US states and over 45 countries. AVP has shaped the Reconciliation process in South Africa and in Rwanda. How can we emerge, like a butterfly metaphorizing, from the cycle of emotional and structural violence?

You will learn:

  • To speak honestly without attacking,
  • Support for taking Risks,
  • Practice Resolving Daily Conflicts.