AVP Liberation Workshop–May 22 through 24, 2017–Register Now!

This experiential AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project) workshop begins the first day with inclusive community building, how prejudice operates in daily communication, and finding transforming power in everyone and every moment. The second day continues by exploring the dynamics of oppression, internalized oppression, how old hurts create aspirations for privilege, and how to rely on transforming power in the simplicity of direct relationships. The last day explores relying on transforming power to guide our decisions and lives, and experiencing the liberty of conscience. You must have some exposure previously to AVP. Leaders are coming from New York, and Kathmandu, Nepal. This workshop will fill up quickly. Cost is $120 (but don’t stay away for lack of funds). Optional simple lunches are $21 for all three days. Register at AVP Liberation Workshop

Local arrangements: Elizabeth Claggett-Borne, 617-354-3808 minga@thebornes.org