Climate Pilgrimage–July 9 through 15, 2017

Please join Boston-area Friends who have organized a Climate Pilgrimage from the Schiller Plant in Portsmouth, NH, to the Merrimack Plant in Bow over the week of July 9-15, 2017. Merrimack Station is the only coal-fired power plant left in New England without a shut-down date. We welcome all to join in for as much of the walk as you can in the hopes that we can be a witness to the desire to move ourselves to a more sustainable way of life with joy and community. This action is done in the spirit of transforming ourselves and our government to change our ways and stop the damage of coal and fossil fuels on our children. Quakers from New England are organizing this pilgrimage knowing that the impending climate change is calling us to radically change our lifestyles.

A stable climate requires an immediate phase-out of fossil fuel use. Given this reality, we must immediately shut down all coal-fired power plants, rapidly shift away from our region’s dependence on natural gas, and move toward renewable wind and solar energy. We walk praying for clarity, determination, and boldness to take the necessary next steps. Specifically, we ask to stop immediately all coal burning at Merrimack Station and at Schiller Station.

We will build a community of justice as we walk, no longer praying inside the safety of churches, mosques and synagogues. Instead we are declaring a New Day as we approach the gates of the Merrimack Station. We need each other in these challenging times, so we walk to shake ourselves out of denial.

I am a Friend, a mother, a home-owner, a psychotherapist, a hiker. I drive a Prius and ride a bike to work. I know that my lifestyle, our cars/appliances/business practices/houses/attitude toward the earth contributes to climate change. It is immoral for me to perpetuate the status quo. We can redirect ourselves, without the dread of sacrifice. The truth is that we have to change. Jonathan and I are going as are several Friends who want to come for a day or two. Call me, Minga, 617 354-3808, if you want to car-pool with others. Sign up on the NEYM Climate Pilgrimage website to register and help in the coordination.