Friends Meeting at Cambridge Invites You
to the Adventure of Quaker Worship

10:30am & 5pm Sunday • 8:30–10am Wednesday


  • We are a community that seeks to pray seriously and tries to avoid dogma and ritual. We have no creed.
  • Sometimes our deepest meetings for worship take place completely in silence. Most often three to six messages are offered in the course of roughly one hour of worship together.
  • Our worship is not programmed and is not led by a minister. We aspire to be led only by the promptings of the Spirit in our hearts and minds.

Quakerism has deep roots in Christianity.
Today, active Friends Meeting participants include people
from many religious traditions: Christianity, Universalism, Non-theism,
Buddhism, Judaism, etc. Many LGBTQ folks participate in our community.

All are welcome in a sincere search for spiritual depth

5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge • • 617-876-6883