New Lights, Fall 2015

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New Lights: An Introduction to Quakerism. Join us to explore topics on Quaker Faith and Practice: worship, prayer, spiritual practices, community aspects, Quaker history, and more! There will be something for everyone, newcomers or long-timers.

For more information, contact Sharon Frame, Resident Friend,

Sunday, October 25

  • 6:45 pm Gather for snacks
  • 7:00 pm Opening Worship and Introduction
  • 7:15 pm Intro to Quaker Business Practice – (Tom Sander or Jan Nisenbaum)
  • 7:30 pm Serving on FMC Committee, Becoming a Member
  • 7:45 pm Group Response
  • 8:00 pm Break
  • 8:10 pm Listening and Being Led to Social Witness and Action (Cornelia Parkes, Larisa Heiphetz, Lynn Lazar)
  • 8:45 pm Group Response
  • 9:05 pm Closing Remarks and Closing Worship