Quakers Join the Pride Parade, June 11, 2016, UPDATE!

Come march and dance with us at the Pride Parade on Saturday, June 11, from about 11:00 am–3:00 pm. Let’s bring as many Quakers together as we can to demonstrate our support of the LGBTQ-and-beyond community. This year’s parade, promising to be the largest ever, has the great theme, Solidarity through Pride! Fresh Pond Meeting and Cambridge Friends School are also marching. Let’s make a big Quaker contingent – bring your family and other F/friends.

Marching Information:

MARSHALS for Friends Meeting at Cambridge:
Patti Muldoon, Patty Huff and David Anick

REPORT TIME: 11:40am

With staggered line up it is very important to be on time. Marching at the front starts at noon and we should be off and going pretty quickly.

LINE UP LOCATION: 50 Fairfield St.; the street is across from the Prudential Center near the Apple store. We will be next to Fresh Pond Meeting’s marchers.


Additional Important Notes:

Look for Patti and Patty and David at the line up location.

The weather forecast looks perfect! It calls for a mostly sunny day with a high of 75 degrees. Wear sunscreen and bring more, along with food and water. We are encouraging walkers to make and wear peace crane hats: see the video on how at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPotYw4_kfg. Beth Fuller, our resident expert, says use 2 1/2 ft of heavy holiday wrapping paper. You can also wear small cranes. I will bring Mardi Gras beads for you, as well.

We will have limited signs available for marchers to carry; if you create your own please have the message be in line with the our testimonies – PEACE, EQUALITY (for all genders)… and the spirit of the day.

If you are have questions, please call Patti Muldoon, 339-223-3300, or email her at pmmquaker@houserock.org. Otherwise just meet us there before 11:40!