Spiritual Life

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10.

What to Expect at Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship at Friends Meeting at Cambridge is un-programmed. There is no pastor or leader, save the spirit of God that is in us and among us. Our worship together is primarily silent, but includes brief spoken ministry when a worshipper is so moved. Friends gather to wait together in quiet anticipation of experiencing God’s presence. There is a living silence which has great power. A religious experience and a humble sense that it must be shared may lead to a spoken message offered in the spirit of worship. Meeting for Worship is a time for one’s spiritual life to be deepened. We welcome all who desire to worship with us.

We gather together in silence to listen to the Inward Teacher. Very often messages arise for individuals in meeting: a few are meant to be shared with the meeting as a whole after a time of deep reflection. Messages come not only as words, but as images, feelings, the fire crackling, thunder, sunshine, the words of others. In others’ messages, listen for what may be meant for you: some messages speak to you directly, call up a feeling or an association; others may call up some resistance. If a message does not speak to you, let it go.

Meeting for Worship generally lasts for one hour and ends with a handshake started by the person who has “care of meeting” that day. Following announcements and an invitation for visitors to introduce themselves, all are welcomed for refreshments and snacks across the way in the Friends Room. Newcomers and others moved by the worship are invited to join an “After thoughts” group in the parlor, also in the Friends Center, to discuss their experience and ask questions about our meeting.