Peace Witness at Textron Defense Systems

Meeting for Worship at Textron Industries


As many of us know, for the last five years a group of FMC community members has been gathering for Worship at Textron Industries every third Sunday of each month. Textron manufactures an especially gruesome “cluster bomb,” used by our military and also sold to other countries.

For the last three years, on the yearly anniversary (in October), the entire Meeting assembles at Textron for the regular First Day worship. We will gather in worship between two signs that read “Quakers Praying for Peace.” We contact Textron ahead of time as well as the churches in the area, and submit a letter to the editor of the local newspaper.

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Reflection on "Quakers Praying for Peace" at Textron

Whether it’s a cold windy or a hot sunny day, once a month on Sundays, Quakers hold a meeting for worship on the sidewalk in front of Textron Defense Systems in Wilmington. We pray for ourselves, for the workers at Textron, and for our world.

We sit in silent witness without proselytizing or accusing. Our next meeting for worship at Textron will be Oct 19 at 11:15 and we invite you to join us.

Last time I prayed at Textron, my thoughts strayed from my vision of peace in this world. I thought of strangers who have bombed and murdered US citizens. I thought of how many countries the US has bombed in the last 5 years: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and now Syria. I wondered how many of Textron’s cluster bombs were being used in these bombing campaigns.

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