Workshop on Gender and Sexuality–Sunday, May 21, 1:15 pm

Have you been wondering why some Friends say pronouns when introducing themselves? Do you hear words related to gender and sexuality that seem different from those you use? Have you wondered where your own experience fits into the realm of our ever-evolving concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation?

Gender identity is not always obvious from a person’s appearance, and for many people the male-or-female binary is not sufficient to describe their gender. The LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and additional identities) Working Group invites you to explore and complicate the concept of gender identity, learn about terminology we can use to describe concepts related to gender and sexuality, and ask questions about these topics.

Greater Boston PFLAG will facilitate this learning opportunity, which will include a workshop followed by a speaker panel and Q&A. Whether you are immersed in LGBTQ+ community or new to these ideas, we hope you will join us on May 21st at 1:15pm in the Friends Room.

For more information about our LGBTQ+ community at FMC, visit our website LGBTQ+ Community. If you have any questions, please contact Jane Jackson, LGBTQ+ Working Group convener, at