We are living through an unprecedented moment. And it is good to have each other. I hope this finds you healthy, and staying emotionally and spiritually connected — while remaining physically distant.

Thank you for your patience while the leadership of the Quarter took some time to tend to how we might best transition our Spring Gathering for discernment of business from an in-person gathering to one that is held using connective technologies. The Clerk, Treasurer, and Clerk of the Funds Committee met and have planned the following agenda for Saturday, May 23, the first of our two meetings.

A reminder of this meeting along with the Zoom information will be sent out again on Friday – just before we gather on Saturday morning.

Saturday May 23d – 10am-Noon, via Zoom:

All Materials can be found in the ADVANCED DOCUMENTS FOLDER
Opening Quotation:

Do you already know that your existence–who and how you are–is in and of itself a contribution to the people and place around you? Not after or because you do some particular thing, but simply the miracle of your life. And that the people around you, and the place(s), have contributions as well? Do you understand that your quality of life and your survival are tied to how authentic and generous the connections are between you and the people and place you live with and in?

Are you actively practicing generosity and vulnerability in order to make the connections between you and others clear, open, available, durable? Generosity here means giving of what you have without strings or expectations attached. Vulnerability means showing your needs.

― Adrienne Maree Brown, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds

Logistics, Reports, Acceptances, Endorsements

  • Approve minutes from last meeting
  • Approve agenda for this meeting
  • Request to activate the Nominating Committee
  • Report from the Treasurer  – John Robinson (Framingham Friends Meeting)
  • Minute of Travel for Lisa Graustein    — Beacon Hill Friends Meeting (See Advanced Documents)

First Reading of Proposals: During our time together we will hear an initial reading of these proposals, along with questions, clarifications, and initial reactions. During the week that is to come there will be additional opportunities for questions, clarification, and sharing (On Wedensday in the morning and again Wednesday in the evening, via Zoom).

  • Report from the Salem Quarter Funds Committee: Grants Allocation. (See Advanced Documents)
  • Proposal for Letter of Support for Beacon Hill Friends House to OBBF
  • (See Advanced Documents)

  • Minute on the New England Yearly Meeting FUM Withholding Mechanism

Second Meeting on Saturday May 30th – 10am-Noon, via Zoom
• Second Reading of Minute from Wellesley and discernment of sense of the Quarter; Aproval of Nominating Committee members and timeline; Any proposal from Working Group.
The hope is that given that challenge that we cannot be together in the same space — we can employ additional time for listening, threshing, seasoning, and discernment.

A detailed agenda including Zoom links and language for Grant Priorities will be sent out soon. Please know that we are not accepting applications for Outreach grants at this time.

If you have any questions please email Kristina Keefe-Perry, at salemqm@neym.org.

In Friendship,