7/5 Rev. William Barber’s Address to Quakers

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Friends General Conference (FGC) is an association of local and regional Quaker organizations primarily in the United States and Canada. FGC is a volunteer led association. Our focus areas and related projects are determined by volunteers representing our affiliates and consistent with FGC’s organizational Minute of Purpose and Vision Statement.

With divine guidance, staff and volunteers provide services and resources for individual Quakers, Quaker meetings and people interested in the Quaker faith and practice. The work of FGC can be summarized into three areas of endeavor:

Help Friends deepen Quaker worship and practice
Support welcoming and inclusive Quaker communities
Support Quaker outreach

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You missed the 2018 Friends General Conference Annual Gathering at the University of Toledo, Ohio, but you can still hear the plenary address by Rev. Dr. William Barber “America must have a Moral Revival” given July 5, 2018, live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook with an enthusiastic response from Quakers.

Other highlights from the 2018 Gathering.