Annual New Year’s Eve contra dance in the meetinghouse

Friends Meeting at Cambridge welcomes spiritual seekers of all varieties to join in the community of our Quaker Monthly Meeting. Below are brief details of present activities in the community, intending especially to acquaint those attending worship with community resources of which they may not be aware. Please get in touch with FMC’s Friend in Residence to become involved with any of the following opportunities.

Clearness Committee

Anyone may request a Clearness Committee to obtain counsel through collective discernment on a query of personal or community concern. Typically, one approaches Ministry & Counsel, who then appoints members to a committee which convenes until the individual has found clarity.

Child Care and Youth Programs

Besides supervision during Sunday morning worship, FMC provides a designated staff person to facilitate events for children from toddler-age to late teens. Child care is available at some other community functions by request.


FMC sponsors weekend retreats throughout the year. Friends of all ages and backgrounds come together to enhance their bonds and attention to spirituality. Scholarships are available.

Committees for Concern

FMC hosts many committees with open membership for purposes ranging from political lobbying to gardening. All welcome visitation regardless of previous participation.

Standing Committees

Friends Meeting at Cambridge hosts several Standing Committees who work with the Meeting’s organizational, financial, and spiritual responsibilities. Nominating Committee makes appointments to these typically compact groups.

Affinity Groups

A number of small groups encourage fellowship between people in the same zip code, age group, or religious background. These include among others Zip Code groups, Young Friends (high school age), Young Adult Friends (18-35), Jewish Quakers, the Who is Jesus? group.

Friends in Career Transition

Friends in Career Transition meets monthly to share experiences, pool resources, and seek guidance from the spirit for anyone employed, unemployed or underemployed.

Prayer Circle

The Prayer Circle meets twice per month to hold persons or concerns in the Light of prayer. A small wooden box located on the table in the Friends Center (moved to the Meeting House on Sunday) contains slips of paper on which anyone may write subjects for the group’s prayer.


Bereavement Groups may be organized through the Committee for Care and Support, and operate very similarly to a Clearness Committee with attention to dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Artists and Writers Group

Artists and Writers gather once a month for mutual support and guidance in artistic endeavors. They share work and discuss ways that artistic expression delights us and draws us deeper into the experience of life.

Display Space

The Exhibits Committee curates Friends Room exhibits at two month intervals throughout the year. Themes, mediums, and artists vary.

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship meets for a potluck once per month to share experiences in prison ministry and reform, help with a bail and legal defense fund and with a re-entry program called Opportunity Knocking.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Meeting relies on volunteers for regular functions such as bringing refreshments, cleaning up after coffee hour, teaching First Day School or serving on a committee, all of which offer newcomers opportunities to integrate with the Meeting community. As a socially engaged community, FMC also serves as a gateway to rewarding service opportunities in Boston and around the world.


The Publications Group composes a monthly newsletter deliverable by email featuring community events, personal news, member contributions and more. An Announcement Sheet listing goings on for the coming week is available, too.


Many classifieds, announcements, and conversations disseminate through FMC’s email listserv, which distributes messages to a contact list whose users may respond to the entire list.


The Library loans the titles in the Friends Center. Anyone can deposit forms provided in the basket of the Library to take out a book. Donation of Quaker and non-Quaker titles welcome as well.


The community accommodates marriage ceremonies and memorial services. Friends Meeting at Cambridge also leases facilities to unaffiliated groups for purposes comprising meditation, yoga, voice lessons, lodging, work space, OCD support, AA meetings, concerts, and rehearsals.

Tax-deductible donations

At your option, contributions can be made to Friends Meeting at Cambridge through FMC’s Office or by PayPal through this website.