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FMC Carbon Tax Group Meeting

Come join members of the current FMC Quaker Carbon Tax Group at this organizational meeting where we’ll talk more about carbon tax groups and take initial steps to organize one or more additional groups. The new groups will be open to Friends and friends of Friends. If you know of others who are interested, spread the word and invite them to this meeting. Joining a group requires a minimal time commitment. Unless a new group opts for more meetings, there will be 4 meetings a year–each for about 2 hours. Here is the January, 2021, report from the existing Carbon Tax Group.

To participate click this link or phone 1 646 558 8656 and enter the meeting ID 839 7980 6447.

What is a Quaker Carbon Tax Group?

A Carbon Tax Group is about 5-10 Friends who gather periodically each year to decide how to redirect personal money that has unfortunately been extracted carbon. Together the group decides on a program they are attracted to that does good justice work around restoring the environment. The pooled money is a message of how this Quaker group is helping mitigate climate change. On our own we:

  1. Assess our energy footprint and decide what actions ( monthly/quarterly/yearly) you want to tax (calculate the $$ off set of car travel or eating food transported from far)
  2. Meet together to check-in, support any changes, and to share how your family is doing with the current emergency.
  3. Decide on a group to donate the aggregate of everyone’s personal taxing. Pray. Select who will contact the chosen group and make sure the donation is received.

Why is it a Quaker action group?
You agree to do something, it’s not just hand-wringing. The critical factor (secret sauce) is that the group meets, supports each other in any life changes around simplicity, shares ‘Ah ha’ moments, or supports each other during the climate crisis. Love is clear. No guilt-tripping, no one is failing to address the truth of climate change, and no overwhelming. We sit with wonder instead of despair, knowing each of us is visibly doing a small part. Remember the widow’s mite? This year the Carbon Tax Group has given over $1000 to 2 BIPOC groups – Greenroots in Chelsea MA and in northern CA. It’s so beautiful to know the money is going to stopping disasters and for saving lives. Quaker groups have formed all over New England. Here’s another source Voluntary Carbon Tax | Spirituality and Environmental Sustainability.

Next Steps
We’ll have an introductory meeting. We are open to Friends and friends of Friends. If you know of others who are interested, spread the word. I’ll invite them to the meeting. We are an open Society of Friends evangelizing justice (and mercy, plus hope). By May the first meeting of action to send off the money to offset your carbon tax.

For more information contact Minga Claggett-Borne at

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