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Laughter Yoga with Amy Tighe

Laughter has been shown to help people feel better both physically and mentally. Anyone can do it. It is not telling jokes, or playing pranks. We laugh for no reason at all! Laughter yoga shows us how to stay grounded and to relax and how to keep a positive frame of mind.

People of all ages are invited to come and learn. Young children are invited. It CAN be rigorous so you need to take care. We’ll talk about that in the session. For example, pregnant people and folks with health issues are encouraged to take care of themselves.

Amy is a certified Laughter Yoga coach. Come and try something new!”

This will be held on the Meeting’s Open Zoom account

If you can’t make morning Laughter Yoga sessions led by Amy Tighe, there are early evening virtual sessions each weekday led by Florida Quaker Joel Cook from 5:40pm – 6:00 pm. Joel trained Amy Tighe. Here’s the Zoom link for the early evening Laughter Yoga sessions.

Meeting ID: 700 674 976
Passcode: 011053
Phone: 1-646-558-8656

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