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Afterthoughts is a small group gathering that meets in the parlor immediately following Meeting for Worship which offers the opportunity for anyone to ask questions or discuss their experiences in Meeting For Worship. Somewhere between 2 to 10 people attend this half-hour gathering and it is generally a mix of new and seasoned Friends.

Afterthoughts has a myriad of purposes. For attenders, it can be helpful to attend if you’re new and have questions, have lingering thoughts from worship that you want to share or explore, or are interested in joining this meeting and want to know about the process. For members and those steeped in Quakerism, it can be helpful to attend when challenging questions arise for you in Meeting or when you have a deeply moving experience in Meeting and want to explore this further with others. Afterthoughts is led by members of Ministry and Counsel.

Morning childcare extends through afterthoughts to 12:30pm.