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2019-2020 Annual Staff Evaluations
Your feedback is needed to help evaluate our staff. For principal staff (David Dunphy, Facilities Manager; Amy Mercure, Office Manager, and Greg Woods, Youth Ministries and Education Coordinator), nursery workers and Center Residents, please email your comments to LJ Boswell at resident@fmcquaker.org. For the Resident Friend (LJ Boswell) only, please email your comments to Liz Moore at rfevaluation@fmcquaker.org. You may also speak with Liz to share your comments about the Resident Friend. Specifics about job duties are more helpful than general statements about the person. Consider both what is working well and what could be improved. Please note that our practice is to include the author’s name with the comment when it goes to the staff member unless you request otherwise. Evaluation forms are available on the Community Website.

Thanks for your feedback!