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This five week course will delve into Quaker practice, history and prophecy. We meet on consecutive Sunday nights 6:30-9:00pm Ocotber 6 through November 3. The series will offer sculpted discussions on worship, decision-making and testimonies. We will explore how the Quaker spark ignites us to transform our lives. We will consider Friends such as Mary Fisher, the first Quaker to arrive in the US colonies (1658), and Bayard Rustin, a famous Quaker gay civil rights organizer (1968).

We look forward to seeing you—full participation is encouraged but not required. Everyone’s ideas are important whether you are new to the Quaker Way or whether you’ve practiced it for 50 years. Everyone’s ideas are important whether you are new to the Quaker Way or whether you’ve practiced it for 50 years.

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For those who register we will order a Quaker pamphlet called the Gathered Meeting, as a reading for the course. Please prepare by reflecting on these queries:

  • What moved Friends to testify even during persecution?
  • How do worship, personal decisions, and spiritual life interact in our lives?
  • What ways does community witness for justice in these turbulent times?

Topics, dates and additional resources include:

Facilitators—Minga Claggett-Borne and Veronica Barron
Elders—Jan Nisenbaum, Jonathan Vogel-Borne, and Patricia Wild

The Gathered Meeting PamphletThe Meeting has purchased a few copies of the Pendle Hill pamphlet “The Gathered Meeting” by Steven Davison for reflection on the heart of Quakerism. Please pick up the pamphlet at the FMC office during the week or come early on Oct 6th to pick one up. First come, first serve. You can also buy a copy directly from Pendle Hill for $7 plus shipping.

Davison lifts up the gathered worship as the essence of the Quaker way. What fosters a gathered meeting? In the holy communion of the gathered meeting lie the soul of the Quaker faith and the hope for a vibrant and relevant future.

For more information contact Minga Claggett-Borne and Veronica Barron at intro@fmcquaker.org.

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