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Dear Friends Meeting,

Cambridge Friends School is delighted to invite you to Meeting for Worship for Commencement for the Class of 2019!

Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Seating begins at 3:30 pm
Meeting for Worship for Commencement begins at 4:00 pm
with reception for the Class of 2019 to follow in the Meeting Hall 

As a Quaker school, Commencement takes place differently from other schools as it is conducted as a Meeting for Worship. We ask for your help in explaining Quaker Meeting for Worship to your family and friends who might not be familiar with its structure and form. Here are some quick facts to help guide you (this will also be printed in the programs):

  • We will be sitting in a circular arrangement with the eighth-graders in the middle. We will help in seating you so that you have the best view of your student.
  • The Meeting for Worship will begin with the Opening Silence. Photos may be taken as the students enter and at the conclusion of the Meeting. Out of respect for others and to honor the sanctity of the Meeting, PHOTOS ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING THE MEETING.
  • In Meeting for Worship, especially on this important occasion, there is silence for the first 5 minutes of the Meeting. We also request that people speak only once and that anyone who speaks not prepare their words in advance. Rising to speak in Meeting is a spontaneous and heartfelt sharing of a person’s “truth.” As you may know, in Meeting for Worship, after a person speaks, we observe a period of silence so that all can reflect on what has been shared. Anyone speaking should stand and speak clearly. Microphones will be available to assist in everyone hearing each speaker
  • At the end of the Meeting for Worship, the eighth-graders will be called individually to receive their diplomas. We ask that applause be held until all diplomas have been received. Photos are permitted at this point.
  • Seating will not begin until 3:30 pm. If you arrive earlier than 3:30 pm, you may wait in the library and the Cadbury Road lobby.
  • A parking consideration (for the neighborhood around CFS) has been requested for this event.

This day marks an important milestone in the life of our graduates and our School. The CFS faculty and staff are looking forward to sharing this special day with you.

If you have additional questions about Commencement please contact me at a.penry@cfsmass.org.

In Friendship,

Alexandra Penry
Director of External Affairs