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The FMC Meeting for Worship in front of Raytheon will continue on a weekly basis until further notice. Please bring your own chairs and meet there at 10:45am (10 Moulton Street, Cambridge off Concord Avenue). The meetinghouse will be closed so we will not be bringing the usual signs.

A group of Quakers from FMC holds a Meeting for Worship in front of one of the many Raytheon offices and laboratories in the Boston area. We stress that this is not a demonstration or protest, and we are not politicizing our spirituality, but rather bringing our Light to a barbaric assault on human dignity and life.

Raytheon (“Light of the Gods”) is the nation’s and the world’s fourth largest defense contractor, and the leading manufacturer of guided missiles including the Tomahawk cruise missile used recently in Syria and the weapons dropped by Saudi Arabia on Yemen. The facility on Concord Avenue is one of their premier research and development sites.

We gather in front of Raytheon on Concord Avenue, Cambridge (intersection at 10 Moulton Street) from 10:45 to 11:45. Parking can be found on Moulton Street, on the next block.