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At the next New Story meeting on January 28, at 7:00pm, Gwen Noyes will show the video by Barbara Marx Hubbard “Planetary Mission: Unique Self Symphony of Human Genius, Innovation & Synergy“ that was presented as part of the Findhorn series on Living the New Story. Gwen, Steve Stodola, Juliet Carey, and I have subscribed to the year-long series. Join us at 6:30pm for a brown bag supper, tea, and fellowship.

At the last New Story meeting on November 26, we discussed the focus of our monthly meeting and some possible breakout groups. There was general agreement to continue the current format for monthly meetings, which is check-ins, announcements, a presentation or reading with discussion, and plans for the next meeting. But there was also interest in creating some spin-off groups that would meet at separate times. The choices include:

  • Teaching the New Story to children and adults. Format: videos (for example by Brian Swimme), workshops, forums.
  • Sharing journeys of personal discovery of the New Story. Format: Small group discussion, worship.
  • Reinvigorating Quakerism through the New Story in cooperation with the Quaker Universalist Fellowship. We will explore how Quakerism supports the New Story and how the New Story supports Quakerism as well as the intersection of the New Story and Quaker universalism. By taking this discussion off-line, we hope to keep the interfaith focus of the monthly meetings. Our first planning session with Mary Coelho, Gail Rogers, and myself is in early January.
  • Climate activism. Examine the relationship between the New Story Group and Cambridge Quaker Earthcare Witness (CQEW). This interest group is a response to possibility that the CQEW committee will be laid down. Several members of the New Story group are also members of CQEW.Please email me if you are interested in participating in any of these sub-groups. If two or three people are interested, we’ll start a group!

    Save the Date!
    Mary Coelho is having an exhibit of the large number of her paintings and accordion books at the Clare Gallery in Hartford CT from January 17 to March 9. The exhibit is called “The Recovery of Wisdom.” You can read about the hours of the exhibit, the location and events associated with the exhibit here .The events include a showing of the film Journey of the Universe on February 3 and a panel discussion on February 17 that includes Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grimm. If you have friends in the area, please tell them about the show and gallery.