Exploring the Quaker Way

Exploring the Quaker Way (XQW) is a 5-part interactive and participatory course intended to help participants connect with others while going deeper into explorations of Quaker faith, practice, and history. XQW especially welcomes newcomers and new-ish-comers, as well as more experienced Friends who wish to examine fundamentals more closely. Participation in all five sessions is encouraged, though not required.

Interactive Participation Style: Get ready for a cameras-on, mics-on, participatory experience! Each Zoom session will include a mix of presentations, small group discussion, interactive activities, and introductions.

Course Overview

  • Sunday, October 3, Session 1: Introduction to Quaker History/Theology and Gospel Order. Click here to learn more info and to register.
  • Sunday, October 17, Session 2: Inward Life: Worship and Discernment. Click here to learn more info and to register.
  • Sunday, November 7, Session 3: Communal Life of the Meeting: Mutual Accountability
  • Sunday, November 21, Session 4: Societal Life: Testimonies and Witness
  • Sunday, December 5,Session 5: Integrating History, Inward Life, Communal Life and Societal Life

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Quaker Meeting for Worship is rooted in silence, but the silence is not emptiness—rather, Friends gather in expectant waiting. We believe that there is “that of God” in all people, and through Meeting for Worship, we make space to encounter it. Anyone at a Quaker meeting might be led to speak; ministry and encounters with Spirit may also occur in silence.

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FMC is a gateway to Quakerism in New England and beyond. Our meetinghouse is located near Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, USA, and we also welcome folks from all over the world via Zoom. We are a large community, with about 100-125 attendees each Sunday morning, and we especially welcome newcomers.

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Contact: Liz Moore at adulted@fmcquaker.org.