Friends Meeting at Cambridge offers many opportunities for deepening our Quaker practice through adult education programs. These programs focus on Quaker philosophy, theology and history, and on current events from a Quaker perspective.

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Deepen your spiritual growth with offerings from the Adult Spiritual Education Working Group at Friends Meeting at Cambridge. Open to Quakers, Quaker-curious folks, and seekers of all kinds, with offerings for newcomers to Quakerism as well as longtime Friends.

Through exploring our Quaker roots and sharing our spiritual journeys, we inspire one another and help each other to live more faithfully. We are all teachers; we are all learners.

All of this year’s offerings are available via Zoom, and some are offered in a hybrid in-person/Zoom format, allowing participation from any geographic location. You are welcome regardless of where you hail from!

Our monthly and weekly offerings each stand alone as one-off, single sessions, requiring no prior knowledge:

  • Monthly: Quaker Basics — for newcomers! (As well as longtime Friends who wish to approach with a beginner’s mind.)
  • Weekly: Forum — for all levels of Quaker experience

Our seasonal workshops invite you to go deeper, through a multi-part interactive format:

  • Fall 2021: Exploring the Quaker Way — for newcomers wishing to go deeper in community through a 5-week interactive series; “Quakerism 101”
  • Winter 2021-22: Practicing Together — for all levels of Quaker experience
  • Spring 2022: Living the Quaker Way — going deeper on select topics as a community; assumes some familiarity with Quaker practices; “Quakerism 201”

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Sunday Mornings 9:15am – 10:15am
Forums are informal devotional discussions, usually with a leader and about a particular topic. They meet in the parlor and are designed to help those who attend prepare for meeting for worship. All are welcome; forums provide good opportunities for new members, attenders, and visitors to learn more about our Meeting and what issues are of concern to the Meeting, and to get to know other individuals in the Meeting.


Sundays 12-12:30pm
Afterthoughts is a small group gathering that meets in the parlor immediately following meeting for worship which offers the opportunity for anyone to ask questions or discuss their experiences in meeting for worship. It meets most Sundays after Meeting for Worship, with approximately 10-20 people attending this half-hour gathering, and it is generally a mix of new and seasoned Friends.

Afterthoughts has a myriad of purposes. For attenders, it can be helpful to attend if you’re new and have questions, have lingering thoughts from worship that you want to share or explore, or are interested in joining this meeting and want to know about the process. For members and those steeped in Quakerism, it can be helpful to attend when challenging questions arise for you in Meeting or when you have a deeply moving experience in Meeting and want to explore this further with others. Afterthoughts is under the care of FMC’s Ministry and Counsel group.


All-meeting family weekend retreats at the monastery in Alfred, Maine, have provided time for fun and contemplation as well as exploration of such topics as non-violent communication, compassionate listening, simplicity, and environmental stewardship.

Women’s weekend silent retreats have been held regularly at Glastonbury Abbey.


Groups of Friends often gather at the Friends Center for discussion on topics of special interest, such as worship, theism and how we view Jesus, and historical Quakers and their teachings.

In addition, small groups of Friends gather in homes for fellowship and worship.

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