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November Minutes & Reports Due, Monday, November 5, 2018

November Business Meeting, 1:15pm, November 11, 2018

November Newsletter Due, Monday, November 19, 2018

Announcement Sheet Due, Mondays at midnight

Sanctuary Coalition – Fall 2018 News Update and Invitation to Join in the Work

Sanctuary — Parker Palmer

Friends Meeting at Cambridge has been part of the 11 congregation Cambridge Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition since May of 2017. At this point 25 – 30 members of our FMC community participate in the work on a regular basis, and we could use more volunteers. The coalition’s guests, a mother and her two young children, have been living in space provided by University Lutheran Church in Harvard Square for over 15 months due to the current administration’s immigration policies.

Volunteers with the coalition are involved in a variety of ways. Some accompany undocumented immigrants to their court appointments, some attend hearings and engage in other efforts to change legislation, and some spend time, in four-hour shifts twice a month, with our sanctuary family at University Lutheran Church, or help with food purchases and deliveries, or take the two young children on outings.

We very much need more volunteers to help in this work. If you are interested please reach out to Susan Davies or any others of us working with the coalition. We would love to tell you more.

Susan Davies at

Recent FMC Events

The Common Strummers

common strummers music

The Common Strummers (FMC Friends from left to right – David Bonner, Molly Watt, Dan Watt and Polly Stevens) played ukulele and lead singing at Midnight Voices (co-sponsored by Peace & Social Concerns Committee) on Thursday, October 18 in the Friends Room. Midnight Voices takes place on third Thursdays at FMC and there are open mic slots for readers and performers each month.

A Procession of Friends

FDS procession friends

To celebrate World Quaker Day (October 7, 2018) fifty-four Friends (young and older) gathered in the Friends Room or Family Worship where they created a Procession of Friends banner and talked about the contributions of various Quakers through the ages.  The group from Family Worship then shared about their banner and their worship with those gathered in the Meetinghouse at the rise of regular Meeting for Worship.  The banner (and Quaker biographical info) is on display downstairs in the hall in the First Day School.

Autumn Mandala

mandala 2018

First Day School students and some adult volunteers gathered again this year at FMC during All-Meeting for Worship at Raytheon on October 21, 2018 to create this beautiful mandala with found nature objects.


Avison Fund Grants

Montrose Beach Chicago, David Avison

Help Us Identify Worthy Projects to Support that Benefit Children!

The Avison Fund Grant Proposal Deadline is Thursday, January 4, 2019.

The Avison Fund Committee is now accepting proposals for the 2018 granting cycle. Proposals must adhere to the funds guidelines – organizations with yearlong projects that support, care for, and enhance the lives of children. Paper copies of the Request for Proposals (RFP) are available in the Friends Center foyer. Electronic copies are available for download here/. Proposals are due at 5pm on Thursday, January 4, 2019 and must be submitted online to Please contact committee members with questions or suggestions of worthy, well-managed children’s organizations. Note: Up to 20% of each year’s disbursements may go to Quaker organizations. Thank you. Betsy Hewitt and Lance Drane (Co-Clerks) Bob Irwin, Elizabeth Dyer, and Cynthia Knowles

Special Schedule for December Fires in Meetinghouse

  • Due to the Christmas pageant there will be no fire on December 16.
  • There will be fires during the morning Meeting for Worship on December 2 and December 23.
  • There will also be a fire for the New Year’s Eve service at 11 pm on December 31.
  • Look for the tiny fire icon in the announcement sheet on these Sundays.

Slippers in Meeting for Worship are Great!


Does curling up next to the fire in your slippers sound appealing? This is a gentle reminder to bring slippers to Meeting to save the wear and tear on our floors and rugs, especially during wet and/or snowy days. We certainly do not wish to cause hardship for anyone, but for those of us able to bring a change of footgear, every little bit helps. Slippers to borrow are available in the Meetinghouse and entryway to the Friends Center. Put your wet/salty/snowy footwear in the plastic trays.


Our Life is Love

life love readings

Please join us for forum every fourth Sunday, when we will explore the Quaker Spiritual Journey through Marcelle Martin’s book, Our Life is Love. One Sunday a month, for ten months, we will take up one of the ten elements of this journey we’re on together by sharing our stories with each other and responding to the queries that Marcelle raises up. This is an opportunity to deepen our connections to one another and to our Quaker heritage.

What is the book about? Marcelle Martin uses the words of many early Friends and contemporary Friends to explore each of ten elements of the Quaker Spiritual Journey. Each section ends with a set of queries that we can use to explore our own experiences. She also shares the ways in which she has experienced these elements in her own life.

Do I have to read the book? No! The queries that we’ll be exploring in each forum are evocative on their own, and the lives of our fellow community members are fascinating. All are welcome – whether or not you’ve done your “homework.”

Can I drop in, or do I have to commit to the whole series? Please come to as many forums in this series as you are able to. While we hope that the experience has a cumulative effect, each forum should be able to stand on its own as a time of powerful sharing.

How can I get a book? You have two choices:

  1. Order a hard cover, paperback, or eBook from Inner Light Books. A paperback is $17.50 plus shipping and handling.
  2. Borrow a book from the Meeting library. There are at least two to lend.

What are the dates and topics for the whole series so I can mark them on my calendar? I’m so glad you asked!

  • 9/30: Longing
  • 10/28: Seeking
  • 11/25: Turning Within
  • 12/23: Openings
  • 1/27: The Refiner’s Fire
  • 2/24: Community
  • 3/24: Leadings
  • 4/28: The Cross
  • 5/26: Abiding
  • 6/23: Perfection

Quaker World

On Civil Disobedience — A Conversation

Gandhi Salt March Civil Disobedience

Sunday, November 18, at 12pm Lewis Randa of the Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA and criminal defense trial lawyer, Gregory R. Barison will speak at Wellesley Friends Meeting, 26 Benvenue Street, Wellesley, MA.  The talk will provide an opportunity to gain insight and understanding of civil disobedience as an act of conscience. Six different actions with, or on behalf of, students from The Life Experience School will provide the context for the discussion.

Cambridge Friends School Used Book Sale

Cambridge Friends School Used Book Sale

Wednesday, November 14 to Friday, November 16, 4-6pm
and Saturday, November 17, 8am–2pm

Donations Accepted 11/5 through 11/9, 8am–4pm

Cambridge Friends School (CFS) is accepting donations of books in good condition (both children’s and adult literature, coffee table books, cookbooks, etc.). Please do not bring in CDs, DVDs, textbooks, VHS videos, cassettes, records, games or puzzles. If possible, please separate children’s and adult books—it makes set up easier.

CFS Book Sale Book

Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS)

2018-2019 QVS Boston Fellows

Quaker Voluntary ServiceThe Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) year has begun with eight fellows living in their house in Dorchester and working at social service/change agencies in the Boston area, with support from Friends Meeting at Cambridge, other local meetings, and many individuals.

Read all about the 2018-19 QVS fellows, their bios, and placements here.