Salem Quarterly Grant Application deadline has been extended to to March 8, 2021.

Dear Friends:

I hope this email finds you cozy on this snowy day!

This is a reminder that there is a current request for proposals for the Salem Quarter Grants Program. Salem Quarter is blessed with funds available to support emerging and established ministry. Currently, Salem Quarter’s funding guidelines lean strongly toward making grants that arise from, and supported by, the meetings of the quarter and nourish and encourage a vital spiritual condition in those meetings, and strong bonds between them.

The Quarter is looking for proposals for funding up to $3000 in these 3 areas.

  1. Programs which encourage outreach (and inreach) in individual Meetings of Salem Quarter.
  2. Ways to encourage the corporate leadings of our Meetings, of committees within our Meetings and of working groups of individuals who come together from multiple meetings.
  3. Encouragement for individual leadings and ministries which are grounded in and provide spiritual nourishment for our Meetings.

These three grant areas are listed in the order of priority for grant-making by the committee. Applications are still being accepted.

How to apply

  • You can view more information on our website here.
  • Fill out the grant application.
  • Provide information about meeting support of the effort/project to be funded (include a letter from a meeting, report from a clearness committee, or minute of the meeting or the ministry & counsel).
  • Return it by email (as an attached file).

During this last year all the members of the Quarterly Funds Committee decided it was time to step down. Following the example of the NEYM Legacy Gift Committee I have asked some guest reviewers to step in for this grant cycle. We are blessed with three guest readers from Fresh Pond, Friends Meeting at Cambridge, and Wellesley Friends Meeting who, along with the Co-Clerk and Treasurer, will review the grant applications.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

In Friendship,

Kristina Keefe-Perry
Co-Clerk, Salem Quarter
Fresh Pond / ThreeRivers Meetings