Threshing Sessions Regarding the Future of the Meeting

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SAVE THE DATE! At this time we are considering the future of the Meeting! We have been spending more money than we have been taking in, and the cushion of money we have been using to fill this deficit will disappear in just a few years if the current situation continues. We are hoping to avoid a financial crisis by wisely charting a sustainable course of action now. We want you to help chart FMC’s course.

There will be a series of meetings for discussion and we hope you can attend one of them. This will be a time to evaluate some of FMC’s experiments over the past five years as well as a time to begin to evaluate some possible future scenarios. We will be presenting numbers to look at and will consider what types of events, programs, and witness have vitality. What have we learned from the Beneficial Cycle which is a framework that has spurred this Meeting into new initiatives? How can we energize the Meeting? We need to hear everyone’s experiences and voices in order to ensure the course we chart is best for the whole Meeting. Please mark your calendar and make it a priority to come to one of the sessions. Childcare will be provided.

The three sessions will occur on the following dates/times: