The topic for discussion this month is Robin Kimemrer’s  Braiding Sweetgrass. Come at 6:30 for tea, fellowship, and a brown bag supper. Program starts at 7pm.

Braiding Sweetgrass has been on our radar for a while and many of us have already read it with great enjoyment. So it’s timely that we focus on it when Robin is gaining national attention and we are in the midst considering the meaning of consciousness. Her work is guaranteed to raise our awareness of the importance of the indigenous world view and the limitation of the scientific one. For Robin the world is a communion of subjects, but for science it is merely a collection of objects. This difference depends crucially on how we understand consciousness.

For our meeting on the 22nd, I want to invite everyone to contribute their observations on a chapter from Braiding Sweetgrass, or at least a favorite quote. I chose the chapter on “Goldenrod and Asters” to discuss, but it was a hard choice. There are so many good ones. We are not a book club—you don’t have to read the book to be part of the conversation—though I highly recommend it.

Also, if you have a quiet evening to spend with Robin and want to hear her voice, there is an excellent video Robin Wall Kimmerer: “The Fortress, the River and the Garden: New Metaphors for Knowledge Symbiosis” (1,367 views; 1 hour)