The Zoom link for Forum has changed (as of 9/26/21).

To participate in Forum, strong>Click this link or provide the Meeting ID 873 2175 9327 and passcode 537370 (if required) on, the Zoom app, or after calling 1-646-558-8656.

At the end of Forum, the Zoom tech host will put the link to Meeting for Worship in the Zoom chat to facilitate Forum participants moving over easily to Meeting for Worship.

All Zoom links for FMC meetings are posted in the Weekly Calendar and in Meetings for Worship on the FMC website at For those who save Zoom links in a file on your computer or use bookmarks, you will need to add this new link for Forum. The link that used to work for both Forum and Meeting for Worship now only works for Meeting for Worship.

If you have any questions, contact