If you have any questions about the QVS Boston program, please email Hilary Burgin hilary@quakervoluntaryservice.org

Quaker Voluntary Service is in Boston for a third year

Fall 2017 Newsletter

This will give you a glimpse into the life of the Boston QVS Fellows – it’s meant to be a lighthearted update on how things are going, and we hope you enjoy it! Read it here!

QVS is Hiring: Director of Program

by Liz Nicholson | Nov 6, 2017 |
Job Title: Director of Program Full Job Description PDF Reports To: Executive Director. Location: Position will be based in one of the current QVS cities: Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA, Boston, MA, Portland, OR, or Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and will require… read more.

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Quaker Voluntary Service in Boston for a second year!!!

With great enthusiasm Friends Meeting at Cambridge in cooperation with Beacon Hill, Framingham, Fresh Pond and Wellesley Friends Meetings welcomes the the second cohort of Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) Fellows to our community. Friends Meeting at Cambridge is pleased to be serving as the host Meeting for the QVS Fellows who will join us for the first time in worship in late August, 2016, and continue in our community through the end of July, 2017. Many thanks to all the individuals who supported and helped in making this program a reality in Boston!

What is QVS?

QVS is an 11-month experiment at the intersection of transformational spirituality and activism, where young adults come together to live in intentional community, while working at social service organizations, and worshiping with, and being mentored by, local Quakers. As work camps and other similar experiences did for previous generations of Friends, this yearlong experience offers the opportunity to orient participants to whole lives committed to service and justice, grounded and sustained by Quaker values. QVS recognizes that Friends today are being invited to rediscover and reclaim the living tradition of Quaker service for our time, offering new models built on enduring truths. Quaker Voluntary Service speaks into that need, and offers that opportunity.

How to Support Quaker Voluntary Service

There are many ways to help support the QVS Fellows during their time at FMC. Consider providing a lunch for their every other Friday workshop and training days; invite them hiking, biking, or to coffee; host them for a meal; deliver a meal to their House; check-in with them and see how they’re doing….. To find out more about how to be involved with mentoring and on-going support of these young adults, please contact Hilary Burgin, hilary@quakervoluntaryservice.org.

Also, financial support to QVS Boston is greatly welcomed, and helps with the costs of providing the Fellows with health insurance, transportation passes, small stipends, and housing costs. To make a donation, please send checks to Quaker Voluntary Service, PO Box 8240, Atlanta GA 31106, and write “Boston” in the memo line; or online donations are possible at Quaker Voluntary Service/Donate.

If you have any questions about the QVS Boston program, please email Hilary Burgin hilary@quakervoluntaryservice.org; or to learn more about the program go to: Quaker Voluntary Service.