Friends Meeting at Cambridge maintains one of the largest Quaker meeting libraries in the United States. The Library Committee is charged with the selection, cataloguing, and circulation of the Meeting’s books, periodicals, and other media. It is also encouraged to seek ways to encourage more people use the library for the enrichment of the life of the Meeting. The library collection is in three locations:

  1. The circulating library with titles for all ages is located on the first floor of the Friends Center in the parlor and library. There are approximately 2500 titles.
  2. The non-circulating library with older or special titles is available mostly for scholars of Quakerism to read on the premises. These books are located in the Selleck Room on the second floor of the Friends Center.
  3. We also own a set of very rare books, passed along to the Meeting from Ebenezer Pope, an 18th century Quaker. These books are kept in a climate controlled area of the Harvard Divinity School.