Hello Friends,

Balancing the desire to be welcoming to all who want to worship at Friends Meeting at Cambridge with the importance of nourishing the depth of worship is a challenge in this COVID-19 time. The addition of spaced seating means that it is sometimes hard to find a seat.  Latecomers may find it difficult to find a place without being disruptive to worship.

Ministry and Counsel asks that Friends plan to arrive at the Meetinghouse ready to settle into worship by 10:30. Latecomers will be able to take a seat until 10:35. After that Friends will be asked to wait in the foyer, or under the portico, until 10:45 and enter as a group, sitting in the benches nearest the door.

Those who are first to arrive could be helpful by taking the seats furthest from the door, at the far ends of the benches, to make it easier for those who arrive later.  It is good to always enter quietly to minimize the disturbance to those who are already in the midst of worship. Note that as the number of people who want to worship in person grows, there may not be room for latecomers.  Some people may need to be directed to another space.

From Ministry and Counsel