Amy Greene, First Day School/Youth Programs Coordinator writes:

Hello Friends,

To borrow a well-used phrase: “It takes a whole Meeting to raise a Quaker child.”

As we start to settle into new routines this fall, the First Day School and other youth needs are becoming more clear. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved in large and small ways, and even ways that don’t directly involve working with kids! Truly, nearly everyone can play a part.
If you would be willing to help with any of the following, please let me know off-list.

Occasional needs

  • Childcare during Forum (9 – 10:30am)
  • Substitute teachers for First Day School (10:30 – 12:45)
  • Childcare during Meeting for Business (1:15 – 3:15). This could even be a craft activity, game, or outside adventure (weather permitting, of course!)
  • Share a special gift, talent, or interest with First Day school or as a separate family-friendly event
  • “Friendly Presence” for teen activities

Regular Commitment

  • First Day School teachers for the Winter and Spring (roughly end of December – March and April – June)

Non-childcare/non-teaching projects

  • Create a new bulletin board in place of the outdated one as you go down the stairway to FDS Classes
  • Create a “Worship box” for younger children with some quiet toys, picture books on centering, stillness, silence, gratitude, etc., quiet and not-messy art materials
  • Create a “Worship box” , 3-ring binder, or maybe a pamphlet for older youth/teens, especially visitors, with some queries, inspirational messages, an explanation of waiting worship

And if Spirit leads to you think of other ways that you might be able to help out, that’s also wonderful!