The Proletariat Tarot and Art during the Pandemic

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Proletariat Tarot: Display of several cards, box cover, booklet, and stack of cards.

Selected Works from the Proletariat Tarot

Art during the Pandemic: Woman with her head in her hands and a distressed expression.

Art during the Pandemic

Artist’s Biography

Jules KobekJules Kobek, the granddaughter of Polish immigrants, grew up in Philadelphia. The completion of a degree at Cornell University made her the first in her family to graduate from college. After moving to Boston, she coordinated the English language program for adult refugees and the family literacy program at the Asian American Civic Association. Currently she provides private English classes for foreign-born professionals. She has also taught classes on gardening, foraging, and identifying wild plants. She lives in Cambridge with Helen Kobek, her partner of 33 years.

The development of her artistic skills came later, in her thirties, first as a kind of journaling, then more seriously with a few figure drawing classes. The Proletariat Tarot was the opportunity to honor her working-class roots while expressing her interests in symbolism and spirituality. Art during the Pandemic, an ongoing project, is born out of the anger, fear, and turmoil of this time.

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