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What is MAQLAN?

The Massachusetts Quaker Legislative Action Network (MAQLAN) was founded to address climate issues through support for promising state-level legislation on climate. Approximately 68 Quakers and others have agreed to call their State Senators and Representatives in a timely way when asked to do so.

How Does MAQLAN Work?

MAQLAN follows the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) practice of providing voters with information and encouraging them to contact their legislators directly. Legislators generally pay attention only to voters from the district they represent. Our goal is to have people on our list from as many regions of the state as possible.

What has MAQLAN Supported?

To date we have actively supported legislation for carbon pricing in Masachusetts, for setting a goal of using only renewable sources for electricity generation by 2035, and for increasing the rate at which utilities are required to purchase energy from green sources from 1% a year to 3 % a year.

This is how we will share information

  • We will send you the bill numbers on behalf of which we hope you will call your legislators. We will try to send a 1-pager synthesizing the bills.
  • You can read the actual language of the bills here: Bills
  • You can find out who has already signed onto the bill at the same site by clicking on the photocopy version. (If your legislator has signed on early, it’s important to call and thank them, and to ask them what actions they will take on the part of the bill.)
  • To find out who your state Senator and Representative are, type in your street address at: Where do I Vote MA
  • To find out their state house room numbers and telephone numbers, go to: MA senators and representatives (Many legislators also have in-district offices, office hours, and phone numbers. To get this information, call their state house office number.)

We hope you will get to know your legislators and their chief aides personally, and that they will get to know you.

Ready to Join us?

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