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The Wealth of Community on Retreat!

By Lorena Boswell, Resident Friend

Lorena BoswellIt was snowy, sunny, and cold in Alfred ME. 56 of us (47 adults and 9 children) gathered at the retreat center and found the warmth of community and dialogue. As we got to know each other, and talk about our own perspectives on wealth, the children laughed, played and learned below us. We took great joy as their voices resonated into our workshop spaces. We framed our discussions using circle process which we compared and contrasted to our own Quaker Process.

The queries for our discussion centered on wealth as a way to start framing our thoughts for the upcoming threshing sessions on the future of the meeting. The Saturday morning discussions were rich and folks decided to continue the conversation in the evening with worship sharing on the queries.

For those of you who were not able to attend, here are the quotes and queries that framed our discussion. Perhaps they can help you start framing your thoughts for our upcoming threshing sessions. We are hoping everyone in our Meeting attends one

Quotes on Wealth

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”—Henry David Thoreau

“Forests are precious resources of the country and a wealth to be handed down to posterity.”
—Kim Jong-un

“You can’t control the fact that you are born a white man or born into wealth. When people say, ‘Check your privilege,’ they’re saying, ‘Acknowledge how these factors helped you move through life.’ They’re not saying apologize for it.” —Roxane Gay

Queries on Wealth

  • What does wealth mean to you?
  • How has your relationship to wealth as you understand it influenced decisions you’ve made in your life?
  • Share a time when your relationship to wealth shifted or transformed?
  • How has wealth created conflict or ethical dilemmas in your life? How did/do you navigate this?
  • How does your faith influence your relationship to wealth?

We’d like to thank everyone who attended and everyone who planned and coordinated to make this retreat possible. We’d especially like to thank Holly Lapp who with grace and love held together all of the disparate threads and took great care with our children! We are very grateful. If you are interested in helping coordinate the next retreat, please inform Lorena, Resident Friend,


2017-18 Annual Staff Evaluations: Seeking Feedback!

Your feedback is needed to help evaluate our staff, and to help them continually improve their performance.

  • For principal staff (David Dunphy, Facilities Manager; Amy Mercure, Office Manager, and Greg Woods, Youth Ministries and Education Coordinator) please email your comments to Lorena Boswell. You may also speak with Lorena to share your comments about these staff members.
  • For the Resident Friend (Lorena Boswell) only, please email your comments to Debby Colgan. You may also speak with Debby to share your comments about the Resident Friend.
  • If you interact with nursery workers or the Center Residents, your input on their work is also welcome; you can send these responses to Lorena as well.

Specifics about job duties are more helpful than general statements about the person. Please consider both what is working well and what could be improved. Please note that our practice is to include the author’s name with the comment when it goes to the staff member unless you request otherwise. The deadline for receiving your comments is Sunday April 15th, but earlier would be appreciated. Job descriptions are available here on the website, as well as from Lorena.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback!

Threshing Sessions Regarding the Future of the Meeting

Threshing on the Future of the MeetingSAVE THE DATE! At this time we are considering the future of the Meeting! We have been spending more money than we have been taking in, and the cushion of money we have been using to fill this deficit will disappear in just a few years if the current situation continues. We are hoping to avoid a financial crisis by wisely charting a sustainable course of action now. We want you to help chart FMC’s course.

There will be a series of meetings for discussion and we hope you can attend one of them. This will be a time to evaluate some of FMC’s experiments over the past five years as well as a time to begin to evaluate some possible future scenarios. We will be presenting numbers to look at and will consider what types of events, programs, and witness have vitality. What have we learned from the Beneficial Cycle which is a framework that has spurred this Meeting into new initiatives? How can we energize the Meeting? We need to hear everyone’s experiences and voices in order to ensure the course we chart is best for the whole Meeting. Please mark your calendar and make it a priority to come to one of the sessions. Childcare will be provided.

The three sessions will occur on the following dates/times:

Pastoral Care at Friends Meeting at Cambridge

Our FMC Community of Hope provides the following types of care and support to individuals within our community:

  • Friendly visits to someone’s home or a visit to someone in a hospital or nursing home;
  • Accompaniment to a medical appointment;
  • Prepare and/or deliver meals;
  • Conversations to assist to determine the need for a Support or a Clearness Committee;
  • Supportive visits and listening presence during a challenging life experience;
  • Send cards on behalf of FMC.

If you, or someone you know within our FMC community, might benefit from one of these care and support activities, please let us know. You may reach the program by emailing your request to Diana Lopez, Pastoral Care Coordinator, at

Special Events


Forums are held Sundays at 9:30am in the Parlor

For more information contact Kitty Rush,

  • April 1: No forum — Extended Worship
  • April 8: Singing with Jonathan Gilbert
  • April 15: Worship sharing on Advices from the 2006 NEYM Young Adult Friends: Kitty Rush
  • April 22: Cambridge Quaker Earthcare Witness “Earth-Ways into Mystery” All of us have a mystery-relationship with Earth. There are ways we touch base, or have touched base, with our planet home. We can share some of those ways. If you like, you can bring something to open the gate either in the present or to a memory of touching mystery with our planet.
  • April 29: To Be Determined

Personal News

Let us share in your joys and sorrows!  Contribute your personal news!

Job Openings

Cambridge, MA | Part-time
Posted Jan 2018 | Apply by Apr 2

Job Opening for Part-Time Young Adult Friend Coordinator at FMC. The YAF Group Coordinator will support the accessibility and vitality of the community of Young Adult Friends in Friends Meeting at Cambridge. They will connect the YAF to each other and bridge the YAF community with the larger FMC community. The Coordinator will be a leader and a Quaker resource. The estimated time commitment of this position is an average of 5 hours a week.