Committees and Groups

Make Friends While Serving Friends


Serving on committees is crucial to the life and welfare of our meeting — for many of us as central as meeting for worship. In a large meeting like ours, committee service (performed by over 130 of us) is also an excellent way to plant roots, develop friendships, and become more integrated in the community. The Nominating Committee appoints committee members. Here is a list of committees for 2016-17 and information on how to join one.


Groups are informal associations open to all who are interested in the work of the group. Some groups are temporary and some are long standing, and the interests are wide spread. Meeting times for groups are posted in the weekly announcement sheet on our home page and in the monthly calendar.

Artists and Writers
This group gathers monthly for mutual support and guidance in our respective artistic endeavors. We not only share, discuss and respond to each other’s work, but often informally discuss ways that artistic expression delights us and draws us deeper into the experience of life. All are welcome.
Bolivian Quaker Education Fund
Active in 2014-15, this group supported the education of a Quaker youth in Bolivia.
Jewish Quakers
An informal group that sponsors observances of the Jewish holy days
New Story Group
An ecumenical group of seekers searching for spiritual answers to the crises of the modern world. We seek to integrate the wisdom of the past found in Quaker and other faith traditions with the truths found in the scientific age.

Prayer Circle
What happens after you put a request in the “Prayers and Praise” box? A small group meets on the fourth Sunday of the month in the Selleck Room (Friends Center, second floor, rear) to hold these requests in the Light. We welcome anyone who is in need of prayers or who is moved to pray for others.
Prison Fellowship
This group provides support and encouragement for those who are engaged in prison work.
Publications and Communications
This group produces the weekly announcement sheet and monthly newsletter. We also maintain the FMC websites. We are always looking for enthusiastic people with skills in writing, editing, layout and formatting in WORD, and updating WordPress sites. If you are interested, contact the FMC Communications Coordinator at
Small Groups
As part of the efforts of the Deepening Spirituality group, we have been working toward organizing a variety of small groups to enhance fellowship, deeper spiritual sharing, and exploration of areas of shared interest. We are grateful to those who are willing to help facilitate; some exciting initial opportunities are now meeting. We encourage you to take advantage of a new small group to get to know others in our FMC community, and hope that through the experience you will find a deeper connection to Spirit and to each other. Watch the announcement sheet for meetings of “Small Groups.”