Welcome to FMC’s hybrid Meetings for Worship!

To participate in person, please observe the these guidelines.

Fall Is Here and the Days Are Getting Chilly.
This is just a reminder that the windows in the Meetinghouse and the Friends Room will be staying open to ensure that we have adequate ventilation. Please be mindful that these spaces will be getting colder, and therefore you may want to bring extra layers (sweaters. coats, or even a cozy blanket) when attending Forum, Meeting for Worship, or Afterthoughts in person.

Ministry and Counsel asks that Friends plan to arrive at the Meetinghouse ready to settle into worship by 10:30. Latecomers will be able to take a seat until 10:35. After that Friends will be asked to wait in the foyer, or under the portico, until 10:45 and enter as a group, sitting in the benches nearest the door.

To participate on-line, click here. Or open a Zoom app and enter the Meeting ID: 783 475 1861 and Passcode: 1652. To attend by phone dial (929) 205-6099 and enter the Meeting ID: 783 475 1861. No passcode is required.

Great News!
The new hearing assist device is fully functional. You will be pleasantly surprised at the excellent sound you can receive through headphones when the speaker speaks into a microphone. The same set up that works for Zoom works for the hearing assist device. Thanks, Alasdair!

Please contact the Reopening Working Group at ROWG@fmcquaker.org.

Child Care will be available on Sundays from 10:15am – 12:45pm. As has been past practice for summer childcare, outdoor activities will be planned. If it is raining, childcare will be provided indoors in the childcare rooms FDS 1 and 2 as needed. Contact: Amy Greene at fdsypcoordinator@fmcquaker.org.