The Ebenezer Pope Fund

The Pastoral Care Team is happy to be working with the Pope Fund Committee on behalf of anyone in our community who has been significantly adversely impacted financially due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Friends Meeting at Cambridge has the potential to provide at least some level of support through the Pope Fund to those who are facing severe financial circumstance in the current environment. We can also assist in providing information as needed about government and community programs available.

The Pope Fund is an important resource for the FMC Community. We recognize that this Fund has a modest amount and may not be able to address all of the needs. If the needs exceed the available resources in the Pope Fund, we will work with the FMC Community as a whole to explore other options that might individually or collectively be made available. Please contact if you have or are aware of someone in need.

The Pope Fund was established by a gift of one thousand dollars in 1801 by Ebenezer Pope to provide
for needy friends in the Boston area. Trustees of the Fund are responsible for screening loan or grant
applications. Discussions are kept confidential. Anyone may alert the Trustees to another person’s need
or financial distress, or may urge that person to make direct application to the Trustees. In addition to
providing financial assistance, the Trustees try to work with the recipients and applicants to seek out
resources and strategies to ease their needs.