“Peacemaking and Jailbreaks: Liberation in Captivity”

On Sunday, March 28, John Bach gave the homily at The Community Church of Boston: A Peace and Justice Congregation Since 1920.

“If we consider the existential threats of nuclear weapons and climate destruction as imprisoning the human family, what tools may we develop to resist the lunacy and give hope to each other and future generations? How can we keep ourselves free and reasonably happy. The example of Fr. Placid Karoly Olafsson, a survivor of 10 years in the Soviet Gulag, is discussed.”

John Bach is a longtime social justice and anti-war activist. He spent 3 years in federal prison during the American war in Vietnam. He makes his living as a housepainter and is the Quaker chaplain at Harvard.

Click this link to listen to John speak about the delights of dangerous resistance. John begins to speak at 37:00 minutes into the video.