For those of you that I’ve met, hi! And those I’ve yet to meet, hope to meet you soon! My name is Nora and I’m a YAF as well as the Program & Outreach Coordinator for the Material Aid and Advocacy Program (MAAP) which is located in the basement below the Meeting house. MAAP seeks to support and empower community members experiencing homelessness and living in poverty through providing material aid, access to resources, and advocacy opportunities.

Thank you to everyone who was present for MAAP’s Forum at Meeting Sunday, October 27, and to everyone who has been consistently encouraging of MAAP’s work! We were moved by the amount of support and care shown by everyone who was present. And for all who asked “What can we do for MAAP, and how can we grow and sustain our relationship?”

As those of you who were at Forum heard, many MAAP community members have been affected by an initiative begun 89 days ago by the Boston Police Department known as “Operation Clean Sweep.” This violent measure is meant to displace people experiencing homelessness and has further separated them from their already precarious resources and communities.

For more information on Operation Clean Sweep, please follow these links:

Twitter Recap Thread of Operation Clean Sweep & and recount of what happened from Jared, whose wheelchair was thrown out by Boston Police.

We Can’t Arrest Our Way Out of the Opioid Crisis and It’s Cruel to Try by Miles Howard of WBUR

One month update by WBUR on “Operation Clean Sweep’ arrests

At MAAP we have been working with many folks to replace their belongings since Operation Clean Sweep began, in addition to our regular work with community members experiencing homelessness and precarious housing. In response we are putting out an “all-call” for the following urgently-needed items:

1) A T-Mobile phone for Jared, whose wheelchair was thrown out by Boston Police. Jared and his partner Emily are in long term treatment programs. He’s been communicating with his family, MAAP, and social workers using friend’s phones. His family would love to be able to keep in touch with him & he has a phone plan but no phone. We’re working on supporting him to help find housing and continue meeting his & Emily’s basic needs.
2) Warm, waterproof shoes and boots (any size and gender)
3) Gift cards to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts so folks are able to go inside to warm up as the weather gets colder.

Please see the attachment for our extended Urgent Needs wishlist!

There is a bin outside of MAAP’s door where you can leave donations at your convenience. Again, thank you for all you have done and for all there is to come!

Nora (FMC attender and MAAP Program & Outreach Coordinator)