Several participants requested digital copies of the materials handed out at the April 7 forum given by members of the Cambridge Quaker Earthcare interest group: Marion Foster, Gwen Noyes, Mary Gilbert, and Mary Coelho. If you missed the forum, this is your chance to catch up. The opening query was read:

“In this fragile time (from a climate disruption standoint), how do our Quaker roots feed our new growth and sense of direction while we re-learn deep empathy for the world we are a part of?”

We then read the summary report on Responses to 2019 FMC Climate Questionnaire and responded to it in worship sharing.

The second hand out, To Better Understand Our Earthly Situation, is a list of references for further reading and watching.

For information about previous work of the committee, please see their Climate Action page under Outreach on this website.